Intro to Corpus Linguistics

· @tasali · ELIN479, Week 4-1

We studied Unit 3 from where we left off.

This class we didn't much and re-studied the topic of the last week. Also, the instructor told us to finish Unit 3 and 4 for the next.

With corpus, we can understand how words contribute to meaning. When analyzed, corpora provides us:

  • frequency
  • chunk(s)
  • semantics prosody (anlam ezgisi)

It can also let see how language is in use in real life.

Checking Out Existing Corpora

This week we studied the existing corpora and how we could make use of it. For instance, we can see how both collocation and colligation take place in real language use, or how a grammatically wrong usage can take over the language (direk in the case of Turkish).